Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tack's cartoon tips for the aspiring cartoonist

This is an amazing little how-to cartooning book from way back in 1923 by cartoonist B. "Tack" Knight.

In just 29 pages he teaches aspiring professional artists how to draw cartoons the old-fashioned way! Some of the pages are corny and not very useful today, but MOST of this book features rock-solid basic building-blocks for learning how to draw in that old "bigfoot" early 2oth century print cartoon style.

Topics include:
  • Expressions
  • How to draw HANDS (this page is really great!)
  • Hats, Shoes, Wrinkles (as in clothes and drapery)
  • Lessons on drawing KIDS and ANIMALS
  • How to draw BACKGROUNDS
  • and even a bit on Cartoon Lettering

read the manual as slideshow: link

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