Wednesday, March 26, 2014

"COMICS" Magazine Contributors EMILIYAN VALEV and STANIMIR VALEV - Hottest News

We gave an interview to RED STYLO, regarding “EPIPHANY”, Mary Shelly’s legacy, and our work as writers, and illustrators. You can read it here:
The French Interactive illustration magazine “BARBACOA MAG” presented its latest issue 04 on March 14th 2014. Out comic “I WISH…” is in it in a new special version. This is the strip’s first publication. It’s been exhibited at the 18-th Cartoon Rendon International Cartoon Festival 2011, Colombia, " Balkanska Smotra Mladih StripAutora” Leskovac, Serbia 2011; MEDUNARODNA STRIPKONFERENCIJA KGG 3, Kragujevac, Serbia.2013.This is our second collaboration with “BBQ” and “GETFREAKY”. “BBQ MAG” №03 premiered with a big party in Lille. You can see some more info, previews, and photos from the premiere here:
March 22, 2014 saw the release of “Az Sam Bulgarche” Issue 51. “SAMODIVA’S KISS” Part Two is in it, and it offers the conclusion to the magical story of Vida Samodiva and Yovo. You can learn more about “Az Sam Bulgarche” Issue 51 here:

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