Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Vintage Comics Sale

The creators of James Bong 420 invite you to celebrate the end of summer with a Vintage Comics Sale at Red Goblin on 29th of August all day.

We are moving to Paris the next day and we are taking our comic book James Bong to Paris Comic Con. So, come say goodbye and buy an awesome classic comic from our own personal collection that James Longshore has been collecting since he was a little boy and was brought over from Los Angeles. Truly unique titles at affordable prices and you get to support our move and our appearence at Paris Comic Con, a huge event where this year's guest is Frank Miller himself. A bit of a Kevin Smith move we're pulling here. Selling our comic book collection to finance our move to Paris and to new horizons!

It will be a fun day, filled with games and awesome comics that start as low as 20 RON (these are collectibles that will some day be worth more) and some unique issues for the avid collectors with some cash to invest.

event facebook: [link]

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