Sunday, November 23, 2014


A report by Emiliyan Valev and Stanimir Valev-Bulgarian writers, artists, comics creators, and COMICS magazine authors. The AltCom 2014 POSTAPOKALYPS comics festival was held in Malmö, Sweden, this November 04-09th. We’re thrilled that our story THE THIRST is among the comics in the anthology, and that our work was at one of the biggest events in the indie comics scene in Europe! Here’s what the organizer say about AltCom 2014: “The organizer sends a big thank you to everyone who showed up, who helped, who participated. Thanks to all of you, this turned out to be maybe the best AltCom so far, one of the big comics events of the year and something definitely unique in Sweden. Thanks, and see you in 2016, insha'Allah!” Experience AltCom 2014 by reading the official PHOTO COMIC by the anthology editor and organizer Mattias Elftorp:

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